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The Business League Communication Group, founded in 1991 by a group of professional enthusiasts, is today a major holding, comprising the companies:

 In 2004, Business League was awarded the Stevie International Business Award, and was named agency of the year in the category "Best Agency, Brokerage, or Satellite Office or Facility".

The Business League Communication Group is a close-knit collective of professionals, well known in Russia and abroad. The company's key employees are certified by Russian and international associations, hold diplomas from Russian and international centers for training specialists, have produced works of research in the public relations field, and teach public relations in some of Russia's leading institutions of higher learning.

Business League Communication Group is one of the oldest Russian companies, who began its professional advertising and public relations activity in Russia at the time when these services were novelties in the Russian market. Established in 1991 by a group of enthusiastic professionals, Business League has become one of the first companies able to offer its clients a complex system of professional communication services based on the strategy of integrated marketing communications (IMC). The idea to establish the Business League was put forward and implemented by its President, Mr. Vitaly Rasnitsyn.

Business League Communication Group is a united team of professionals who are well-known in Russia and abroad. The leading specialists of the company have got certificates from Russian and international professional communities and diplomas of domestic and foreign centers for training and retraining of specialists; they are authors of research papers on public relations issues and teach PR-related disciplines at the leading Russian universities.

Business League Communication Group occupies strong leading positions in the Russian market of business communications, providing its clients with a wide range of complex, mutually complementary professional services in the following areas:

  • PR and Media Relations;
  • Advertising and design;
  • Marketing and marketing communications;
  • Sociological and special researches;
  • Creative projects and special events;
  • Communication consulting.

The Business League successful work is based on combination of up-to-date communication technologies, professional experience, understanding of the Russian context, and accurate application of communication tools to solving problems of its clients.


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